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Shadow World

Written By:James Axler - 2000

  • Shadow World - James Axler cover


A treacherous odyssey to reclaim America's lost future...


The hellscape of postnuclear America has a bloodlust for the good, the innocent and the helpless. Survival in Deathlands demands a will to endure that is as raw and savage as this brutal frontier. For Deathlands is the future's last and only hope—for both its inheritors and strange invaders to whom this perdition promises paradise.


Ryan Cawdor is a true warrior of Deathlands, fighting for survival in a bizarre, freakish world. But now, beyond the unseen perils, a new threat emerges: invaders arrive from a parallel earth where the nukecaust never happened. Ryan is abducted through a time corridor to the twin earth, where he discovers a nightmare that makes Deathlands look tame by comparison—and a new plot for its grotesque destruction...

In the Deathlands the future is uncertain, but it's all that remains.


"Don't break, don't break, don't break!"

J.B. muttered the litany as the friends raced through an obstacle course of boiling springs and over ground he knew had to be undermined. They ran on crust of earth that could give way under their combined weight, plunging them to a terrible death by scalding.

They reached and rounded the muddy shore of an infernal lake, and when J.B. looked up, a black shadow passed across the stars, cutting off all hope of their retreat. The Armorer slowed, then stopped. He stood slope-shouldered, his blasters hanging useless in his hands. The companions closed ranks around him, facing the oncoming assault gyro. Rumbling cauldrons to the rear spit drops of boiling mud on their unprotected backs.

It was the least of their worriers.

Silhouetted against the blue-white moon, the aircraft slowly turned its weapons pod toward them.




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