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Shaking Earth

Written By:James Axler - 2004

  • Shaking Earth - James Axler cover


A struggle for survival in a land of horror... and hope


After a nuclear blast all but vaporized the Western Hemisphere in the late twenty-first century. America became known as Deathlands, a hellhole that has proved itself a formidable foe in the fight for survival—a place where the will to see another day comes down to raw courage and a good aim. Ryan Cawdor and his warrior group roam the vast and violent landscape, fighting to live and living to fight for a better life, knowing that death may not be the only way out, but it's the quickest.


In a land steeped in ancient legend, power and destruction, the crumbling ruins of what was once Mexico City is now under siege by a bloodthristy tribe of aboriginal muties. Emerging from a gateway into the partially submerged ruins of this once great city, Ryan and his group ally themselves with a fair and just baron caught in a treacherous power struggle with a dangerous rival. An internecine war foreshadows ultimate destruction of the valley at a time when unity of command and purpose offers the only hope against a terrible fate...

In the Deathlands everyone has a future. Some will wish they didn't.


The woman threw away her useless blaster

"Macahuitl!" she screamed. "Macahuitl!"

Ryan wondered if it was a prayer or a curse. It was neither. One of the handful of Chichimecs still on their feet tossed her one of the obsidian-edged clubs.

The female marauder fielded the club deftly. She hacked it savagely into the tentacle that gripped her. The volcanic glass, sharper than a surgeon's scalpel, half severed the leg-thick member.

Holding the SIG-Sauer in both hands, Ryan backed cautiously away from the rail. He looked around quickly, trying to take stock of the tactical situation.

It was, basically, battle over.




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