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Shatter Zone

Written By:James Axler - 2006

  • Shatter Zone - James Axler cover


Survive or perish in the dark heart of tomorrow


Scattered remains have been salvaged from the abandoned cities that withstood the atomic onslaught at the dawn of the twenty-first century, but the secrets of pre-Dark tech buried in the mass grave of civilization are known to only a few. Possessing understanding and the unshakable will to survive, Ryan Cawdor and his warrior survivalists face each day armed and ready for the enemy called Deathlands, whose formidable power has yet to claim victory over the human spirit...


In this raw, brutal world ruled by the strongest and most vicious, an unseen player is manipulating Ryan and his band, luring him across an unseen battle line drawn in the dust outside Tuscon, Arizona. Here a local barony becomes the staging ground for a battle unlike any other, against a foe whose ties to pre-Dark society present a new and incalculable threat to a fragile world. Ryan Cawdor is the only man living who stands between this adversary's glory... and the prize he seeks.

In the Deathlands, the future lies somewhere between hope... and hell.


The last mutie raised its head and crooned at the sky

It was a new and different kind of hoot that none of the companions had ever heard before. Almost immediately, a distant hoot answered.

"Dark night, it's calling for help!" J.B. gasped, dropping a spent clip and slapping in a spare. "What is going on here?"

Even as she frantically reloaded, Mildred considered the matter, and knew that she had no possible answer. Nobody knew for sure where the stickies came from in the first place, whether they were accidents of Nature caused by the nuclear holocaust, devolved humans, escaped genetic experiments, bioweps or what. But there was one singular; unarguable factor about the mutants. They lived, and anything alive always tried to improve itself, to make the next generation stronger.

Mildred shivered at the idea. Stickies with weapons. Oh, dear God in Heaven, protect our mortal souls...




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