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Written By:James Axler - 1993

  • Shockscape - James Axler cover


Raw determination in a hostile new world


Emerging from a gateway into the snowy barrens of the Colorado Rockies, Ryan Cawdor and his warrior group are forced to strike a deal for survival. This part of white hell is controlled by Baron Nelson, a grief-ridden widower burning for vengeance against the hired killers who murdered his boy.

Not far from Nelson's barony lies Yuma, a nasty hellhole every badman in the Rockies calls home. Ryan, Doc and J.B. Dix begin a perilous journey across desolate mountains to Yuma to capture and deliver the boy's killers back to the baron. The odds are not good: if the mutant grizzlies and roving marauders don't get them, the sadistic guntoughs in Yuma will.

In the Deathlands, survival is a gamble. Death is the only sure bet.


Jennison let loose with the scattergun as the four friends moved into a skirmish line

They dived for cover, giving Gooseneck and Reena time to scuttle from the back of the rig, the woman limping heavily as she ran for safety.

Ryan had flattened himself behind a live oak, squinting to one side of the gnarled truck, seeing, to his horror, that Knuckles remained standing in the open.

"Get down!" he yelled, waving the muzzle of the SIG-Sauer to catch the youth's attention.

Reena saw him and fired a burst, the lead ripping through the snow-covered branches just above Ryan's head.

The one-eyed man's shout had no effect. The hunch-backed lad had turned away and was hopping toward the wag, where Reena and Gooseneck had taken cover.

When Knuckles was only a couple of stumbling steps away, the woman stood, her hair matted and tangled with the snow, and leveled the scattergun.

"No!" Ryan screamed.




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