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Written By:James Axler - 2001

  • Sunchild - James Axler cover


In a ruined world, the past and the future clash with frightening force...


After an atomic blast hurled the world into an uncertain future, the past still reaches out in hope... and damnation. In a kill-or-die world, one steadfast group of survivors possesses superior fighting skills and sense of fair play that have made them living legends. In their struggle to seek a better way of life, they are unraveling the powerful secrets of the hell on earth called Deathlands.


A pre-dark legacy of shattering promise lies beneath the ruins of nuke-ravaged Seattle. Ryan Cawdor and his warrior companions come face-to-face with the ancestors of a secret society whose members were conviced that paradise awaited at the center of the earth. This cult is inexorably tied to a conspiracy of twentieth-century scientists devoted to fulfilling a vision of genetic manipulation. In this labyrinthine ville, carved from the subterranean passages of a doomed past, some of the descendants of the illuminated Ones are pursuing the dream of their legacy—while others are dedicated to its nightmare.

Even in the Deathlands, twisted human beliefs endure...


Doc probed deeper

"The question remains unanswered. Is there any of the poisonous old tech still on the premises, the rancid remnants of a bygone and perhaps best forgotten age? Some relic of that pernicious evil known as the Totality Concept?"

Doc hadn't idly brought up the name of the Totality Concept. He had spoken the name in the hopes of eliciting some kind of reaction.

The baron hadn't recognized the name at all, and had seemed genuine in his bemusement at the use of the term. But then, Doc had'nt been watching the baron. His eyes had been kept firmly on Jenna, and he had seen her sharp features harden as the words were spoken. The raven eyes had fixed on him, met his full on and tried to fathom his intent.

There was old tech here. Old tech related to secret goverment projects of the past. And maybe there was something that would link this ville to the main body of the Illuminated Ones, and the place in the North they were searching for.




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