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Thunder Road

Written By:James Axler - 2008

  • Thunder Road - James Axler cover


Fight or die in the raw and deadly frontier of tomorrow


A century after the nukecaust, humanity adheres to the most basic laws of survival: live or die. While many plunder and savage for profit and pleasure, other follow a higher bid for promise and hope. Still, the concepts of law and order remain buried in the past.


Thunder Rider is a self-styled superhero, prowling the Deathlands and serving up masss murder in a haze of napalm and nerve gas. Seeing his destruction firsthand, Ryan Cawdor accepts a bounty from a ravaged ville to find and eliminate this crazed vigilante. But this twisted coldheart has designs on a new sidekick, Krysty Wroth, and her abduction harnesses the cold, unforgiving fury of Ryan and his warrior companions. At his secret fortress, Thunder Rider waits—armed with enough ordnance to give his madness free rein...

In the Deathlands, justice is in the eyes of those who seek it...


"What was that half-wit talking about?"

Mildred was enraged. "Why the hell did he take Krysty away?"

Doc smiled sadly. "Because, my dear doctor, I fear that like so many of us, he may not be exactly of sound mind."

"A crazy. Great," Jak snorted.

Doc's smile broadened. "I think you may have missed my point, dear boy. If he has this one aim in mind—that Krysty become converted to his cause in

order to convert us—then he will do all within his power to keep her alive and well. It's in his best interest. And, of course, he is unwittingly buying us time to find and destroy him."

"He's going to be looking for us sooner or later, right?" J.B. pointed out.

"Exactly," Doc agreed. "The irony is that he has mistaken our pragmatism for a sense of spurious justice, and faith in a law that no longer exists. A misunderstanding that will lead him straight back to us. In a sense, we have no need to chase him. He will come to us."

Ryan's face split into a grin for the first time since they'd lost Krysty. "Guess you're right, Doc. But let's go after the coldheart anyway."




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