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Trader Redux

Written By:James Axler - 1994

  • Trader Redux - James Axler cover


In the Deathlands, the past and future clash with frightening force


Ruled by a perverse and malevolent Nature, roamed by lawless remnants of humanity, the Deathlands is what's left of the continental U.S. after a nuclear apocalypse unleashed hell on earth. Here, only a few can survive and still retain hope for the future, and of these, none are more determined than the exiled so of a coastal baron and his closely knit band of warrior survivalists.

The years of struggle in the new reality made Ryan Cawdor a bold and undisputed leader, but now he may have to contend with his former mentor, the enigmatic Trader. Together with J.B. Dix and Abe, they make a perilous journet down the mighty Colorado, and in the Grand Canyon's mile-deep crags, a degenerate barony and mutie death traps test the limits of the group's survival skills.


A high-velocity bullet whined off the blacktop, making the horses buck and rear

Abe stayed up on the box, fighting for control. He looked over his shoulder, watching as the Armorer unlatched the rear door of the hearse, and, helped by Ryan, heaved Trader inside.

"Leave it open," the older man yelled. "I can slow the bastards down from here."

"Whip them up, Abe!" Ryan shouted. He fired several carefully placed rounds at the advancing mob, putting down at least three men, sending others scattering for cover among the trees.

J.B. climbed quickly onto the box alongside Abe, hanging on to the side rail, waiting for Ryan to join them. The little gunner was poised, whip in hand, watching as the one-eyed man swung onto the foot plate.


The whip cracked, ringing out into the bright morning like a dueling pistol. The horses whinnied and began to move, hooves slipping. Abe bellowed at them, lashing the animals unmercifully to get the hearse on the road and out of there.

Ryan hung on by his left hand, the toes of his boots only scant inches from the rolling wheel. The first hesitant members of the mob appeared, and he fired a couple of rounds among them.

"They're giving up!" J.B. called. "You did good, Abe!"

The team slowed as they approached an avenue of ancient yews. The attack came out of nowhere.




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