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Vengeance Trail

Written By:James Axler - 2005

  • Vengeance Trail - James Axler cover


in post-nuclear America, the end has a new beginning...


As megalomaniac barons and savage anarchy compete to lay claim to post-nuclear America, perseverance and a will to live are what keep Ryan Cawdor and his band of warrior survivalists roving through the worst and best of a new world. Armed with secrets of pre-Dark tech, they possess what few in Deathlands can imagine: hope for a better tomorrow.


Ryan Cawdor is gunned down and left for dead by the new provisional U.S. Army, commanded by a brilliant general with a propensity for casual mass murder and a vision to rebuild America. Waging war from his pre-Dark, fusion-powered armored locomotive, he's poised to unlock the secrets of the Gateways—as the rest of Ryan's group stand powerless. All except one. Hope may be lost for Krysty Worth. But revenge is enough.

In the Deathlands, vengeance is the only justice.


Her desire for vengeance was an unwavering flame

But even if Krysty had known beyond doubt her bullet would split that dark-haired skull, she wouldn't have take the shot. Yes, the captain had to die. She had to kill him, or at least be the cause of his death even if her finger didn't pull the trigger or her hand plunge the blade.

But he was just one among many. A significant one, but merely one. To claim his life would risk throwing her life away—with her friends still unrescued and the bulk of her blood debt unpaid.

Krysty wouldn't do that.

So she watched them drive off out of sight, unmolested. Intuition told her they were heading back to the massacre site, to the rim about Ryan's unmarked resting place a mile toward the center of the earth. Why they might be bound there she couldn't say. It didn't matter, and speculation was no part of her nature in any event. She let all thought of shys and wherefores slip from her mind.

There could be only her quest. Worry, fear, anticipation—these could only weaken the resolve Krysty needed to keep her weary legs driving her relentlessly on.




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