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Way of the Wolf

Written By:James Axler - 1998

  • Way of the Wolf - James Axler cover


After the ashes and dust of the great Reckoning, the warrior survivalists live by one primal instinct


The bleak nightmare of the nuclear winter has abated, but the Earth is scarred, its ecosystems poisoned, many of its life forms mutated and struggling for existence. Here, in the torn remnants of America, Ryan Cawdor and his warrior survivalists stake their claim as the inheritors of Deathlands, their unforgiving world.


Looking for respite after a bitter struggle in Kentucky's Hazard ville, the wayfarers must make do with Arctic tundra and earthquakes. Trapped in the hostile landscape by a mattrans jump, Ryan and companions find the ultimate challenge to their will to survive. The odds dwindle when they become the new bounty in a struggle for dominance between a group of Neanderthals and descendants of a military garrison stranded generations ago.

Deathlands. A perilous journey through uncharted territory.


They weren't in the Deathlands anymore anymore

Sixty feet and maybe more below, an emerald green ocean lapped at the bottom of the terra firma they found themselves on. There was no indication of land mixed in with the accumulated snow and fresh layers of ice. Out ahead, scattered across the wide expanse of the sea, were hundreds of ice floes. Nearly all of them were smaller than the one they were encased in. Mildred stepped up beside Ryan took out over the ocean. "We're in a damn ice cube floating in the middle of the goddamn ocean!"

And that, Ryan figured, just about summed it up.




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