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The Disappearance

Written By:Philip Wylie - 1951

  • The Disappearance  - Philip Wylie cover



All women have vanished from the world of men.


All men have vanished from the world of women.


On the second Tuesday of February, at a little after four, the female of the species vanished from the world of men—and the men disappeared from the world of women.

To Bill Grant, a philosopher in his mid-fifties, it meant his caretaker-lover-friend-wife had left him in a home destined to grow gradually unlivable and in a world escalating rapidly into unreasoning violence.

To Paula Gaunt, mother, wife and dilettante linquist, it meant she must assume a leadership role, acknowledge her identity and help to make a rudderless, expertless world a place in which to survive.

Through the lives of these two people and those around them, Philip Wylie presents the adventure, allegory, hallucination and romance that stem from The Disappearance.


The science fiction classic—more provocative and controversial than ever!

With uncanny imagination, with comedy, passion and tenderness, Philip Wylie tells you how a single sex world would be—from the men's point of view, and from the women's. In a novel that has become a classic, he describes what happens to sex, electricity, the Kremlin; to the housewife, the philosopher, the lover, the bum; to science, sin and God. Most of all, he reveals what happens to love.

"The Disappearance is a book that will stimulate, shock and perhaps illuminate some of the darker corners of human behavior and thought." —Saturday Review of Literature

"The events as Mr. Wylie describes them have a gruesome fascination and... considerable dramatic force." —The New York Times

"Superior!" —Anatomy of Wonder: Science Fiction