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Written By:M. J. Rusch - 2000

  • Dome - M. J. Rusch cover


In the 23rd Century a non-nuclear apocalypse has finally come to exist.

On November 20, 2201, the Earth's vastly depleted ozone layer finally succumbed. And when it did, the Earth stood naked awaiting the final effect of the sun's onslaught of deadly rays. Earth had finally reached what many believed to be its Armageddon, and its people lived in wait for the day its death would finally come.

The world became divided, and a new governmental Cold War came to exist. Superpower countries and alliances of nations worked separately to devise a means by which man could still live and thrive on the now-changed world. Giant Domes were developed and constructed to shelter small areas of lands.

Superpower countries were careful to conceal and protect their own discovered technological secrets. Each looked to the other for failure, hoping as a nation the other would perish from the Earth.

A grand military defence scenario, Plan Zero, was formulated in the event a foreign invasion was launched on United States soil. Plan Zero was to be a fiery demolition aimed at wiping out invading armies and enacting genocide across the sun-ruined people of the United States. It was a plan to repopulate the nation to again make it healthy and strong.

Few knew the existence of Plan Zero. Fewer still believed it would ever be used. But in the year 2306, a situation presented itself, and United States President Franklin F. Ford was forced to put it into use. The years of the Great Dome War had finally begun.

A few short days before the initial ground war attack, Military Commander John Kirken left the Domes forever to be with his step-children not allowed to live with him within their protected confines. Like the rest of the outside world around them, they were slowly dying of radiation poisoning, and he vowed to be with them when the end finally came.

While walking down the centre streets of their hometown, Kirken and his family come upon the first troops of an invasion attack. In a fate-filled instant, they find themselves caught up within the midst of war. Kirken re-establishes his military contact and learns of the existence of Plan Zero. He is also informed that a demolition team has crashed en route to making his children's hometown the next target of the Plan.

Kirken is threatened that he and his family will be counted with the dead if he doesn't carry out the mission of the doomed demolition team. Kirken angrily returns to forced military action to initiate the town's destruction and protect the secret government technology, that when initiated, would mean more protected life on the dying planet. Caught unaware in a freshly declared war, Kirken must undertake the mission of destroying his family's hometown and protecting the lives of his stepchildren trapped with him inside the battle zone.