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Written By:Steve Perry / Michael Reaves - 1987

  • Dome - Steve Perry / Michael Reaves cover


When the world above died, they were ready... almost

They watched in horror as humanity destroyed itself in a nightmare of biological warfare. Now they are trapped in the Dome—an underwater labrotory off the coast of Hawaii.

Scientists. Technicians. Bureaucrats. And the special ones, recipients of an advanced technology—as much machine as human, or more animal than man. They are the citizens of the Dome. Sentenced to the endless night of the ocean floor. Safe from the virus-ravaged surface. They are humanity's last chance.

Meet the Citizens of Dome

Douglas Copeland—Scientist heading up the Mea Lana research unit, better known as the Dome. As leader, he is responsible, however reluctantly, for what may be the last pocket of humanity to survive the ultimate catastrophe.

Betsy Emau—A passionate woman and part-time party girl. Mistress-for-hire to several of the Dome's men, she has no qualms about using her beauty and body to get what she wants. When the world outside ends, so do all the desires—but not the passion.

Jonathan Holly Crane—A miracle of genetic research, the first recipient of permanent gills. This scientific breakthrough is Crane's ticket to fame. Until he begins to venture outside the Dome—and discovers a new path to glory.

Patricia Ishida—A pampered child of the upper class. Gifted as one of the few who can tolerate and utilize the advanced microbe implants that allow her to interface directly with the experimental Artificial Intelligence called Baby. Together, woman and compter may be the key to the Dome's survival—if Baby can "grow up" in time...


"A high-speed, high-tech thriller, packed with ideas." —Greg Bear, author of BLOOD MUSIC

"An exciting tale set in a frontier too often overlooked by science fiction writers." —Melinda M. Sondgrass, author of CIRCUIT

"Reaves and Perry are masters of suspense." —David Brin Author of The Postman