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Written By:Dafydd ab Hugh / Brad Linaweaver - 1995

  • Endgame - Dafydd ab Hugh / Brad Linaweaver cover


Hawaii—last outpost of civilization on an Earth overrun by demons, traitors, and nightmarish creatures straight out of the pits of hell. Humanity seems doomed to a bloody ending. Then Hawaii receives a message from aliens claiming to be on our side in the battle. Our last chance: make contact.

The only man for the job—Corporal Flynn Taggart, U.S. Marine Corps—"Fly" to his friends. He led the fight against the demon invaders when they swarmed through the Gates at Phobos Base. Now Fly's got to face the toughest task of his dirty career. Return to Phobos—and fight his was past those demons to contact mankind's would-be rescuers...


It felt strange to deliberately re-enter hell...

They say you can't go home again. But you can return to hell if you're crazy and you deliberately take a one-way ticket to Phobos.

We didn't encounter opposition for the first fifteen minutes. We did encounter a functional lift that appeared to have been repaired with pieces of a steam demon. I didn't like the idea of using it, but Hidalgo made the decision.

The makings of a reception committee waited for us at the bottom. Occupying the center of the room was an almost intact spider-mind. All that was missing was the head. In the smashed dome on top, where normally resided the evil brain-face, two spinies were eating.

One of the imps looked up from his meal. Bits of gore dripped off the white horns sticking out from its body.

Fly raised his BFG 9000 at the same instant the imp threw one of his patented fireballs...




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