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Infernal Sky

Written By:Dafydd ab Hugh / Brad Linaweaver - 1995

  • Infernal Sky - Dafydd ab Hugh / Brad Linaweaver cover


They left behind everything that mattered to them—friends, lovers, country—to journey to the stars. Now Sergeant Flynn Taggart and Pfc. Arlene Sanders, USMC, have reached their destination... the homeworld of the demon invaders who destroyed Earth.

But there, they find a scene of destruction that rivals any they left back on Earth. And suddenly, "Fly" and Arlene find themselves face-to-face with a even deadlier enemy than the demons they came to fight. The war for Earth is over. But the battle for the stars has just begun...


The Alien Ship Was Splitting Apart...

Arelene stared out the porthole, ashen-faced. "Jesus Fly!" She slide her hand along the deck and pointed; I just barely saw a huge piece of the ship below us, tumbling end over end, shattering into splinters scores of meters long.

The alien ship, strong as it was, was never intended to burn through the atmosphere like this! It was fracturing along heat seams, separating into components.

"Forward!" I shouted, nearly blacking out with the effort. It was getting hard to talk; we needed all our breath to bear down, force the blood back into our heads. Thank God we were lying down—sitting up, at six g's, we might have passed out.

"Forward!" I shouted again, starting to crawl. "Nav... Room... One!" If any component of the ship was to survive the fiery reentry, it would be that one.

Besides, if that section went, there went the navigational controls—and we would all die anyway...




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