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Doom Quest of Ara-Karn

The Former King

Written By:Adam Corby - 1981

  • The Former King  - Adam Corby cover


In battle after battle across the darkened world—He fought to impose his godlike reign!

Destined to be king once more...

When the good goddess the Sun was overpowered by lust for the evil god the Moon, darkness fell upon the lands... and the dark choppy seas brought forth a barge bearing golden treasure—Ara-Karn, the Former King.

Fierce and mighty, dark and brooding, he united the barbarian tribes with blood, fire, and a vengeance as holy as it was grand...

For he was the fearsome warlord of the North—the man whose dark and mighty powers would build a new world on the ashes of the old... the Former King who would rise, once again, to conquer!


And he was a stranger...

not of any of the tribes of the far North. And even across so great a distance, Gen-Karn could see his dark eyes greenly glittering.

Behind the stranger another man appeared. He, with the help of two others, was dragging a large, heavy burden from a weary pony. When they had got it down, they cut away the ropes binding it and tore off the concealing pelts, and a cry of wonderment rose from the crowds. For beneath the pelts was an enormous head still stained with flowing black blood.

It was the severed head of an enormous Darkbeast.

"Alone he hunted it!" cried Kuln-Holn above the hubbub. "And alone slew it! Only I watched, and I did no more than help him bear it up the cliffs. With fire he blinded it, with fire slew it! Three score strokes it took to sever it from the body!

"Men of the far North, behold the man who has done it, the man sent us from the gods—Behold, Ara-Karn!"

In the awed silence which followed, the stranger spoke. And his low tones somehow were heard even above the roar of the flames.

He said, "Wherever he is, let Gen-Karn step forward. I challenge him the right to lead the tribes."




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