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Doomsday Warrior

American Defiance

Written By:Ryder Stacy - 1986

  • American Defiance - Ryder Stacy cover


After armageddon, America's only hope will be the... DOOMSDAY WARRIOR


America lies in ruins, the victim of a Russian thermonuclear first strike. Invaded and occupied by the Soviets, the U.S. has become a slave state repeatedly raped and plundered by its Red overlords.

But there are those who refuse to knuckle under to Russia's rule... those who will fight for freedom... and die for freedom. Led by Ted Rockson, the ultimate soldier of survival, these FreeFighters have vowed to drive the hated Russians into the sea. And with the vicious KGB and Russian Army locked in a power struggle, Rockson and his FreeFighers are about to strike.

The first blow against the Red conquerers will be in the very heart of their American empire: Washington, D.C. In a perilous trek across a shattered nation, Rockson leads the FreeFighters in a daring raid that will signal the bloody start of the second War of Independance!



The whole Russian fort was coming to life and there was only one chance to escape. Gripping the long wooden pole in his hands, Rockson ran toward the sixteen-foot-high barbed wire fence and without breaking stride planted the pole in the dirt. With every ounce of strength he kicked off with his piston legs and climbed up in the air in a perfect arc.

A spotlight suddenly caught Rockson dead on, and a stream of Red slugs headed toward him like a swarm of man-eating locusts. The top of the fence was coming and Rock made it over—barely. The very upper strands of barbed wire ripped across his right calf, slicing open a three-inch-long gash that oozed a stream of blood. Then he was arcing down to the ground, curling as he made contact, rolling over and over into the blackness where the circle of searchlights ended.

This particular bunch of Reds wasn't going to get the Doomsday Warrior. Not tonight.




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