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Doomsday Warrior

American Dream Machine

Written By:Ryder Stacy - 1990

  • American Dream Machine - Ryder Stacy cover


Nuclear war has all but destroyed America. Her only hope for freedom is... DOOMSDAY WARRIOR


America struggles to survive after a devastating first strike nuclear attack by the Russians. A virtual slave colony at the mercy of the brutal Soviet occupation army, the United States has one chance to regain her freedom: Ted Rockson, the Doomsday Warrior, and his underground high-tech guerilla army of Free Fighters!

But a bloody sneak attack scatters the rebels and gets Rockson captured. Stripped of his weapons, weakend by hunger, the Doomsday Warrior is forced to endure was after wave of searing pain as a prisoner of the deadly Soviet torture device known only as the Dream Machine. Rockson must survive long enough for his men to rally to his rescue... the future of America depends on it!



One hundred more yards and he'd be free!

He almost lost traction, slipping on a patch of gravel in the dark cavern. Soon he heard scampering sounds behind him and the gnashing of flesh-hungry jaws.

The huge creatures had heard him and started screeching. Screeching for his blood.

Pulling his weapon from his belt, Rockson spun once on his heels and fired his shotpistol on full automatic. The X-patterns of deadly explosive pellets spread out and demolished the front ranks of the red-eyed monsters. His clip spent, he grabbed for another but came up empty.

But the deadly horde kept on coming, crawling quickly over the torn and bloody bodies of their own dead to tear the Doomsday Warrior apart...




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