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Doomsday Warrior

Red America

Written By:Ryder Stacy / Jan Stacy - 1984

  • Red America - Ryder Stacy / Jan Stacy cover


After the Apocalypse, America's last hope is the... DOOMSDAY WARRIOR


World War III shattered the United States and now a once proud nation is ruled by the brutal Russian Empire. But America's Free Cities, led by a remarkable soldier of survival, Ted Rockson, are making a bold and bloody bid for freedom that has the Soviets girding for an all-out attack.

Rockson, though, must fight more than just the Russian army and the insidious KGB. He must carry out his war of independence in a ravaged landscape of radioactive hot zones crawling with deadly new race of beings, "the glowers." But in this living hell, Rockson is the one man who symbolizes American defiance. He's the one man who's ready to battle for a better world. And he's the one man feared by the Russian tyrants. He is the... DOOMSDAY WARRIOR



Bells! Everywhere! Rockson heard doors slamming and loudspeakers blasting away in Russian. They were on to him. He rushed back toward the fire door through which he had just entered but heard a click just as he reached it. Locked! Rock raced down the long neon lit hall toward the far end some two hundred feet away. He reached it and swung through the door just as a squad of Reds rounded the corner to his right. Another squad suddenly appeared on his left. He was cut off.

The Russains closed in on him from both sides and, as they approached, Rock saw that they all wore the hideous death's-head on their shoulders. They were KGB.

The officer in charged smiled arrogantly at his prey and crowed, "Ted Rockson, I presume? You may as well surrender. We have been expecting you for days. I promise you you cannot escape. The floor is filled with over two hundred of our elite troops. Please—no fuss—yes?"

"Me? Make a fuss?" Rock asked innocently—and then he went for the KGB officer's throat.

It was time to die.




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