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Dragon Quartet

The Book of Fire

Written By:Marjorie Bradley Kellogg - 2000

  • The Book of Fire  - Marjorie Bradley Kellogg cover


The dragons Earth, Water, Fire and Air were raised from the elemental energies at time's beginning to create the World. When they finished their task, they were supposed to sleep until World's End. But long before that time the dragons began to wake....

Now Earth and Water and their human guides, Erde and N'Doch, have been drawn through time to a devastated future America where the dragon guide Paia has been transformed into his high priestess. Yet it is not Fire who has summoned his brother and sister. The call has come from another, and the reason is all too clear. Fire has chosen to become a god instead of a guardian. And the dragon Air is nowhere to be found. Can Earth and Water, Erde and N'Doch force Fire and Paia back to the path they are fate to follow? Can they find and rescue Air? Or will Fire's rebellion doom both the dragons and the world they guard?




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