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Dropas, The

The Breaking Through the Walls

Written By:Scott R. Etters - 1999

  • The Breaking Through the Walls  - Scott R. Etters cover


THE DROPAS: Breaking Through The Walls is the first book in the initial Dropas trilogy, and a story that can be enjoyed by children, both young and old, as well as adults. People nine years old and up have already started their journey with the Dropas. Although a fun and enjoyable fantasy adventure, Book I's underlying messages focus on unity, perseverance, and preserving the most important thing in life, our humanity. And until we begin to understand people's differences rather than building walls between ourselves, the existence of humanity will always remain in jeopardy.
Book I is a story of the mind and how we, as humans, create barriers between ourselves; racial, religious, cultural, emotional, etc. This only hinders our ability to work together as a species. But, just as the mind is responsible for building those barriers, it is also the important element needed to break through them. As these walls are broken, we are also reminded about the importance of the immaterial things in life.

Arriving in our world on a mission to help humans preserve their existence are twelve unique creatures. Although their actions are with a purpose, they also demonstrate the lighter side of life. The whimsical Dropas show us that no matter our age, we should never forget about the child that exists in all of us. We are constantly reminded of this as the Dropas engage themselves in numerous mischievous acts when not helping fight against the Evil Lord Ozone.




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