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Dropas, The

Transcendental Journey

Written By:Scott R. Etters - 2002

  • Transcendental Journey - Scott R. Etters cover


THE DROPAS: Transcendental Journey is the second book in the Dropas series. It is a story of the heart and the constant conflicts it encounters with the mind. The adventure continues as humanity has been preserved one more time with the defeat of Lord Ozone and his evil ForLords. However, the celebration is bitter-sweet. As the mural Creatures are returned to their world, Scott and Timm are grieving the losses they suffered during the fall of Ozone. With the last Creature now in place, Pockets and Timm make an unwelcome discovery. The darkness that had overtaken our world has left and is now overshadowing the world within the walls.

Once again, Scott, Timm, Pockets, Willie and their young friends must unite to rid the walls of the evil that now exists there. Together, with some unexpected but welcome allies, the group journeys into the murals only to discover what really lies beyond the walls. While traveling inside the surreal labyrinth of art, another beautiful and peaceful world is revealed. But with the beauty and peace, comes darkness and disruption. The adventurers must overcome more powerful forces than what they encountered in the first story. This is now a quest more important than saving humanity. It is a journey with only one goal in mind—to preserve the existence of the souls.




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