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The Drylands

Written By:Mary Rosenblum - 1993

  • The Drylands  - Mary Rosenblum cover


After years without rain, disaster lay ahead for the Pacific Northwest—unless the strange talents born of the drought could stop it.

DROUGHT had come to the 21st century, and the land way dying. Crops failed, refugee camps over-flowed, and riots raged across the country—and the Army Corps of Engineers had the dirty job of rationing what little water was left.

Carter Voltaire, a Corps officer in charge of the Columbia Riverbed Pipeline, had orders to stop a group of desperate farmers sabotaging the Pipe—at any cost. Nita Montoya, a Drylands woman burdened with a strange mental talent, knew the farmers were being framed. She could help Carter expose the real saboteurs—but only by exposing her own abnormal ability.

In the Drylands, the few people strangely altered by the drought were feared and persecuted if their mutations came to light. But if Nita couldn't trust Carter with her secret, there was no way top stop the wave of viloence that would sweep their lives away...


Praise for Mary Rosenblum and The Drylands:

"THE DRYLANDS is a powerful vision of an all-too-likely future America, compelling and compulsively readable. The writing is supple and vivid, the characters complex and human and achingly real. Rosenblum is one of the best new writers of the nineties." Gardner Dozois, Editor, Asimov's Science Fiction

"An exciting and vivid novel by a fine new writer." Greg Bear

"Far more than a cautionary tale, THE DRYLANDS marks one of the strongest debuts in recent science-ficiton history. Clearly the work of a major new talent." Lucius Shepard

"The kind of book that makes me remember why I love to read sf. Mary Rosenblum is a terrific new writer, and I can't wait to see what she does next." Joan D. Vinge, Author of The Snow Queen and The Summer Queen