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Written By:Charles Pellegrino - 1998

  • Dust - Charles Pellegrino cover


Sixty-five million years ago the dinosaurs vanished off the face of the Earth. Now it's our turn.

In an idyllic Long Island community, paleobiologist Richard Sinclair is one of the first to suspect that the environment has begun to wage bloody, terrifying war on humanity. What initially appear to be random, unrelated events are actually violent eruptions in a worldwide biological chain reaction. Along with a brave group of survivors, Sinclair must learn to understand the catastrophe while is roils around them, slowly crumbling a panicked world and threatening apocalypse. The survival of humankind depends on finding an answer immediately—or else they will face the final, tragic destiny of their species.

In a mote of dust lies the end of the world.


"A terrifyingly plausible what-if nightmare!" —James Cameron, Academy Award-winning writer/director of Titanic

"At last, a novel even scarier than jaws." —Sir Arthur C. Clarke

"Pellegrino has crafted a very intelligent novel designed to scare the pants off readers. Imagine The Hot Zone crossed with a Stephen King novel." —San Antonio Express-News

"Fascinating." —The Denver Post

"An action-packed novel that will remind readers of Michael Crichton." —The Midwest Book Review

"Thoughtful, carefully researched and really scary... Pellegrino invents a great cast of characters and keeps his readers guessing." —Rocky Mountain News