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CalamityReckoners3Brandon Sanderson2016  
FirefightReckoners2Brandon Sanderson2015  
InvasionWalking Dead, The6Jay R Bonansinga
Robert Kirkman
Hunted, TheEnemy6Charlie Higson2014  
Breakdown, ThePulse2Scott B Williams2014  
Star's Reach: A Novel Of The Deindustrial Future  John Michael Greer2014ecologicalfuturistic
RuinsPartials3Dan Wells2014  
Valley of FiresConquered Earth3J Barton Mitchell2014  
Alone  Jennifer Reynolds2014pestilencerealistic
Not Dead in the Heart of Dixie  R M Kralik2014pestilencerealistic
Clio and Cy: The Apocalypse  Christopher Lee2014warfuturistic
Radio Hope  Sean McLachlan2014warfuturistic
History of the Future, AWorld Made by Hand3James Howard Kunstler2014  
Forbidden Flats, TheSky Jumpers2Peggy Eddleman2014  
SunriseAshfall3Mike Mullin2014  
The Fall of the Governor: Part TwoWalking Dead, The4Jay R Bonansinga
Robert Kirkman
DescentWalking Dead, The5Jay R Bonansinga
Robert Kirkman
Wayward Journey, The  Nathan Hale Jefferson2013earthquakerealistic
Last Gallon, The  William Belanger2013economicrealistic
ResistBreathe2Sarah Crossan2013  
Fallen, TheEnemy5Charlie Higson2013  
Darkness After, The  Scott B Williams2013cosmicrealistic
Fire & AshBenny Imura4Jonathan Maberry2013  
MonstersAshes3Ilsa J Bick2013  
SteelheartReckoners1Brandon Sanderson2013  
FragmentsPartials2Dan Wells2013  
Severed Tower, TheConquered Earth2J Barton Mitchell2013  
First Activation  D A Wearmouth2013zombiesfantastical
Hear Me Scream  R M James2013pestilencefantastical
Sky JumpersSky Jumpers1Peggy Eddleman2013  
Storm, TheFury2Alexander Gordon Smith2013  
Darla's StoryAshfall3Mike Mullin2013  
After Earth: Kitai's Journal  Christine Peymani2013ecologicalfantastical
The Fall of the Governor: Part OneWalking Dead, The3Jay R Bonansinga
Robert Kirkman
Haven's BlightDeathlands102James Axler2012  
Hell Road WarriorsDeathlands103James Axler2012  
Planet HateOutlanders60James Axler2012  
The Survivors  Will Weaver2012geologicalrealistic
FearGone5Michael Grant2012  
GatheringAfter The Fall2John Phillip Backus2012  
Revealing EdenSave the Pearls1Victoria Foyt2012  
Shelter at Papa's Farm, The  Elizabeth M. White2012warrealistic
Founders: A Novel of the Coming CollapseSurvivors3James W. Rawles2012  
OutpostRazorland2Ann Aguirre2012  
Twelve, ThePassage2Justin Cronin2012  
This Dark Earth  John Hornor Jacobs2012zombierealistic
Etiquette for an Apocalypse  Anne Mendel2012ecologicalrealistic
EnduranceRazorland3Ann Aguirre2012  
Fall, TheBlue Plague1Thomas A. Watson2012  
MutatedDead World4Joe McKinney2012  
SurvivorsMorningstar Strain3Z. A. Recht2012  
Shay's StoryUglies0Scott Westerfeld2012  
Whisper, TheRoar2Emma Clayton2012  
Exit KingdomReapers2Alden Bell2012  
Blood OceanAfterblight Chronicles11Weston Ochse2012  
AftermathAutumn6David Moody2012  
Dinosaur ThunderThunder3James F. David2012  
Cannibal Reign  Thomas Koloniar2012cosmicrealistic
Father John VS the Zombies  Karl El-Koura2012zombiefantastical
Since Tomorrow  Morgan Nyberg2012unknownrealistic
HorizonAftertimeSophie Littlefield2012  
Kill Order, TheMaze Runner0James Dashner2012  
Wool  Hugh Howey2012warfuturistic
BreatheBreathe1Sarah Crossan2012  
Sacrifice, TheEnemy4Charlie Higson2012  
Pulse, ThePulse1Scott B Williams2012  
Flesh & BoneBenny Imura3Jonathan Maberry2012  
ShadowsAshes2Ilsa J Bick2012  
Hunger Games Tribute Guide, The  Emily Seife2012unknownfantastical
Guide to the Hunger Games  Caroline Carpenter2012unknownfantastical
Last President, TheDaybreak3John Barnes2012  
PartialsPartials1Dan Wells2012  
Midnight CityConquered Earth1J Barton Mitchell2012  
Fury, TheFury1Alexander Gordon Smith2012  
Ashen WinterAshfall2Mike Mullin2012  
The Road to WoodburyWalking Dead, The2Jay R Bonansinga
Robert Kirkman
Collision Course  David Crawford2012variousrealistic
Scrivener's MoonHungry City Chronicles7Philip Reeve2011  
Downrigger DriftDeathlands96James Axler2011  
Playfair's AxiomDeathlands97James Axler2011  
Tainted CascadeDeathlands98James Axler2011  
Perception FaultDeathlands99James Axler2011  
Prodigal's ReturnDeathlands100James Axler2011  
Lost GatesDeathlands101James Axler2011  
Cradle of DestinyOutlanders56James Axler2011  
Scarlet DreamOutlanders57James Axler2011  
Truth EngineOutlanders58James Axler2011  
Infestation CubedOutlanders59James Axler2011  
Hesta, TheLast Legacy3Grace Chetwin2011  
Waters Rising   Sheri S. Tepper2011ecologicalfantastical
Phobos: Mayan FearDomain3Steve Alten2011  
PlagueGone4Michael Grant2011  
Night Eternal, TheStrain3Chuck Hogan2011  
Acheron: A River of PainSilver1Keira Michelle Telford2011  
Survivors: A Novel of the Coming CollapseSurvivors2James W. Rawles2011  
Dark and Hollow Places, The  Carrie Ryan2011zombies
EnclaveRazorland1Ann Aguirre2011  
Hare Moon  Carrie Ryan2011zombies
Robopocalypse  Daniel H. Wilson2011technology
Measure of the Magic, TheShannara-1Terry Brooks2011  
Water Wars, The  Cameron Stracher2011ecologicalrealistic
Flesh EatersDead World3Joe McKinney2011  
ApocalypsoXombies3Walter Greatshell2011  
DisintegrationAutumn5David Moody2011  
Tyrant's Stars, Parts 1 and 2Vampire Hunter D16Hideyuki Kikuchi
Yoshitaka Amano
Tyrant's Stars, Parts 3 and 4Vampire Hunter D17Hideyuki Kikuchi
Yoshitaka Amano
Fort FreakWild Cards21George R. R. Martin2011  
Rip TideDark Life2Kat Falls2011  
AftertimeAftertimeSophie Littlefield2011  
SurvivorsAftertimeSophie Littlefield2011  
RebirthAftertimeSophie Littlefield2011  
Z: Zombie Stories  J M Lassen2011zombiesfantastical
Death Cure, TheMaze Runner3James Dashner2011  
AfterwarVirtual War Chronologs6Gloria Skurzynski2011  
Fear, TheEnemy3Charlie Higson2011  
Ashes, Ashes  Jo Treggiari2011ecologicalrealistic
Eleventh Plague, The  Jeff Hirsch2011warrealistic
Dust & DecayBenny Imura2Jonathan Maberry2011  
AshesAshes1Ilsa J Bick2011  
Rage  Matthew Costello2011cosmicfantastical
Daybreak ZeroDaybreak2John Barnes2011  
Fall of Austin, TheDown the Road3Bowie Ibarra2011  
Soft Apocalypse  Will McIntosh2011socialrealistic
AshfallAshfall1Mike Mullin2011  
Hole in the Sky, AResistance2William C. Dietz2011  
Rise of the GovernorWalking Dead, The1Jay R Bonansinga
Robert Kirkman
Red Queen, TheObernewtyn8Isobelle Carmody2010  
A Web of AirHungry City Chronicles6Philip Reeve2010  
ProphecyDeathlands90James Axler2010  
Blood HarvestDeathlands91James Axler2010  
Arcadian's AsylumDeathlands92James Axler2010  
Baptism of RageDeathlands93James Axler2010  
Doom HelixDeathlands94James Axler2010  
MoonfeastDeathlands95James Axler2010  
Reality EchoOutlanders52James Axler2010  
Infinity BreachOutlanders53James Axler2010  
Oblivion StoneOutlanders54James Axler2010  
Distortion OffensiveOutlanders55James Axler2010  
This World We Live InLast Survivors3Susan Beth Pfeffer2010  
March in CountryVampire Earth9E E Knight2010  
LiesGone3Michael Grant2010  
Fall, TheStrain2Chuck Hogan2010  
HunterAfter The Fall1John Phillip Backus2010  
Lost Tales of Ga'HooleGuardians of Ga'hoole16Kathryn Lasky2010  
Omega Point, The  Whitley Strieber2010cosmicrealistic
Witch of Hebron, TheWorld Made by Hand2James Howard Kunstler2010  
Afterlight  Alex Scarrow2010technology
Cygnis  Vincent Gessler2010unspecified
Dead-Tossed Waves, The  Carrie Ryan2010zombies
Dog Eat Dog  David J. Rodger2010pestilence
Drain  Davis Schneiderman2010extraterrestrial
Life After War  Angela White2010war
Passage, ThePassage1Justin Cronin2010  
Two Journeys  Clemens P. Suter2010pestilence
Bearers of the Black StaffShannara-2Terry Brooks2010  
Apocalypse of the DeadDead World2Joe McKinney2010  
Trial by FireTerminator Salvation4Timothy Zahn2010  
ApocalypticonXombies2Walter Greatshell2010  
Broken ArrowAfterblight Chronicles8Paul Kane 2010  
Children's CrusadeAfterblight Chronicles9Scott Andrews2010  
ArrowlandAfterblight Chronicles10Paul Kane2010  
Selected, TheSharp North3Patrick Cave2010  
MockingjayHunger Games3Suzanne Collins2010  
Dark RoadVampire Hunter D14Hideyuki Kikuchi
Yoshitaka Amano
Dark Road, Part 3Vampire Hunter D15Hideyuki Kikuchi
Yoshitaka Amano
Who Fears Death   Nnedi Okorafor2010warrealistic
Dark LifeDark Life1Kat Falls2010  
Rise Again  Ben Tripp2010zombierealistic
Last of the Dying, The  Brittney Stewart2010unknownfuturistic
Scorch Trials, TheMaze Runner2James Dashner2010  
DevastationVirtual War Chronologs5Gloria Skurzynski2010  
Out of the Dark  David Weber2010extraterrestrialfuturistic
Dead, TheEnemy2Charlie Higson2010  
Rot & RuinBenny Imura1Jonathan Maberry2010  
Volume I: The Justice DepartmentJudge Dredd The Mega-City One Archives1August Hahn2010  
Volume II: LawbringersJudge Dredd The Mega-City One Archives2August Hahn2010  
Volume III: LawbreakersJudge Dredd The Mega-City One Archives3August Hahn2010  
Directive 51Daybreak1John Barnes2010  
Lights Out  David Crawford2010technologyrealistic
Sword of the Lady, TheDies the Fire6S. M. Stirling2009  
Sending, TheObernewtyn7Isobelle Carmody2009  
Fever CrumbHungry City Chronicles5Philip Reeve2009  
Dark ResurrectionDeathlands85James Axler2009  
Eden's TwilightDeathlands86James Axler2009  
Desolation CrossingDeathlands87James Axler2009  
Alpha WaveDeathlands88James Axler2009  
Time CastawaysDeathlands89James Axler2009  
Serpent's ToothOutlanders48James Axler2009  
Shadow BoxOutlanders49James Axler2009  
Janus TrapOutlanders50James Axler2009  
Warlord of the PitOutlanders51James Axler2009  
ArkFlood2Stephen Baxter2009  
Elegy Beach  Steven R. Boyett2009extraterrestrialfantastical
Winter DutyVampire Earth8E E Knight2009  
HungerGone2Michael Grant2009  
Strain, TheStrain1Chuck Hogan2009  
Plague ZonePlague3Jeff Carlson2009  
Forest of Hands and Teeth, The  Carrie Ryan2009zombies
Julian Comstock: A Story of 22nd-Century America  Robert Charles Wilson2009social
Killing Moon, The  Rod Glenn2009pestilence