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The Earth Remembers

Written By:Susan Torian Olan - 1990

  • The Earth Remembers  - Susan Torian Olan cover


From south of the post-apocalyptic border rides a lone seeker of truth, justice—and personal vengeance.

Cimarron Langtry returns to the land of his youth and haunted dreams to rekindle the people's uprising against the occupation regime and the dread army of the Clankers.

His life is worth spit—until he joins forces with a ruthless mercenary, a mystic giant, and a beautiful, mysterious healer. They in turn forge an alliance with a race of subterranean mutants and the proud, fierce new Comanches.

A one-of-a-kind Tex-Mex futuristic Western, The Earth Remebers is Susan Torian Olan's first novel.


"San Zapata!" Ixtpan's narrow, slanted eyes grew wide and almost round with fascination.

The vast room was cut from rock laced with gold, and in the torchlight the gold made the walls gleam in streaks like tongues of fire. The ceiling was at least thrity feet above them. There was a dark wooden table ten feet long, set with a golden plate, silver utensils, and a red camelian gobler. A thick yellow tallow candle stood in a golden, three-foot-tall candlestick in the center of the table. There were four wooden chairs around the table and a long stone bench beside the wall to the companions' left. In the wall opposite them was a stone doorway.

"I don't like this one damn bit." Matsemela's face twisted in a dark scowl as he evaluated the oversized furniture. "Whoever they are, they're bigger than Ixapan." Matsemela was eager to find a way out and did not care who had once lived inside this mountain—unless, of course, they came back while he was there. He starred toward the closed door on the far side of the room. Top-sannah and Paradox right behind him.

At that moment, there was a great grating sound of stone against stone, and the twelve-foot door slowly opened.

Paradox let out a high-pitched squeak. Topsannah gasped. Matsemela cursed. And Ixtpan stood frozen in a cross between horror and fascination as the creature entered the room.

Fully eight feet, it was taller than Ixtpan, with a heavy muscular build. It gave off a very strong odor that made Paradox wrinkle her nose. It was naked except for a breechcloth of gold beads. Its feet were tremendous, easily a foot and a half long. It stood erect on two legs like a man, and its long face and narrow, slightly slanted, dark eyes looked human—but its face and body were covered with long, thick brown hair, almost like that of a bear. It uttered a menacing growl and pounded its huge fists against its massive, hairy chest, then snatched Paradon—the smallest of the group—from the floor.

Paradox screeched loudly and punched the hairy creature in the right eye. It raised its arm to hurl her against the wall.

"Sasquatch!" Topsannah yelled. She and Matsemela were at Ixtpan's side, all three of them about to jump the creature to try to free the helpless itzaur.

The creature froze in midswing, holding Paradox suspended over its head, her moccasined feet kicking it in vain.