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Written By:William C. Dietz - 2002

  • Earthrise - William C. Dietz cover


It began with DeathDay. The day they arrived...

It took three days for the Saurons to destroy the great cities of the world, wrapping the earth in a blanket of fire and ash.

More than three billion people perished under the alien assault. But the invaders stopped short of complete annihilation. They needed survivors. They needed slaves.

Jack Manning was one of them. He knows the purpose behind the construction of the oppressive alien temples—incubators for a new generation of Saurons that will one day make the takeover of Earth complete.

It's time to fight back.


"A fascinating invasion thriller." —Midwest Book Review

"A classic alien-invasion tale of survival." —New York Time bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson

"A compelling novel of the strength of the human spirit in the face of apocalypse." —Rick Shelley, author of Spec Ops Squard: Holding the Line

"Exciting Nonstop action...devastatingly real." —BookBrowser

"An intriguing look at the psychological and sociological essence of two alien races as well as the human reaction to a first encounter. William Dietz also profiles humanity and shows us as a race worth surviving for many of us are willing to die in the name of freedom. An insightful... action-packed novel." —Midwest Book Review

"This concluding sequel to Dietz's DeathDay contains the same wide cast of characters... balanced by their better-than-average depth of portrayal... [an] interesting speculation on the nature of race relations and class divisions. Build[s] an atmosphere of captivity, which aids considerably in reader identification with the plight of human characters." —Publishers Weekly

"Well-drawn, fast, intelligent action." —Booklist

"Independence Day was a twist. Dietz delivers a rousing finale to his apocalyptic vision of Earth's invasion. His portrayal of ordinary people fighting for their lives and freedom is a touching tribute to the human spirit, demonstrating that life goes on and love doesn't die." —Romantic Times