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Earth's Last Citadel

Written By:Henry Kuttner / C L Moore - 1943

  • Earth's Last Citadel - Henry Kuttner / C L Moore cover


Four humans from the Twentieth Century are hurled a billion years forward in time by a being from an alien galaxy. They have been brought to a dying Earth—to Carcasilla, Earth's last citadel—where the mutated remnants of humanity are making their final stand against the monstrous creations of a fading world.

Thrust in the middle of this desperate struggle for survival, the last humans search for a way to break the deadlock in the Armageddon at the end of time...


It was near—it was almost upon them. It hovered, monstrous and glowing in the mouth of the tunnel, filling the high black circle of its disc...

And then, with one great swoop, it burst into the violet daylight of Carcasilla.

Alan's confused impressions of the thing were too contradictory to have meaning. Was it monstrously tall? He could not tell, even as it stood there against the black mouth of the disc. Had it been blazingly robed in light against that blackness? He couldn't be sure.

Alan could not stir—he could only stand and stare, drowning in helpless wonder as he watched. This was the creature that sought him since he had come to Carcasilla, this was the nameless creature that had haunted all his waking and sleeping hours.

The great, striding god went through the crowd of Carcasillians like a reaper through grain, snatching up, enveloping, hurling aside figure after figure... flashing closer with each moment.

And then the towering inhuman thing stooped above his head with an avid swoop, its robes falling about him like blindness to shut out the violet day. It had been starving for countless centuries, and it had found him...


A brilliant classic of science fiction adventure by two of the greats in imaginative literature