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Beyond Eden

Written By:J. M. Morgan - 1992

  • Beyond Eden - J. M. Morgan cover


An Ecological Thriller


It is the year 2017 and the earth's population has been virtually wiped out by plague. Other than the few who carried a natural immunity to the deadly virus, the only remaining humans are the handful of scientists who had entered the sealed dome of Biosphere Seven, a living laboratory in the high Texas desert. For twenty years, the scientists have not dared leave their sterile prison, but their children have grown restless inside the security of its stifling walls...


Brilliant but unsettled, this second generation of Biosphere Seven is eager to explore and claim the new wilderness, and meet the Outsiders beyond their sphere. But if they leave the comfort and safety of Eden, will they find adventure... or death?


Jessica Nathan—She is the team leader, struggling with an uncertain future, and torn between her duty and an old passion.

Cameron Nathan—Jessica's headstrong son will pay any price, even his love for a beautiful girl, for the freedom beyond Biosphere.

Jonathan Katelo—He and his brother Seth dare to leave the green valleys of Montana to seek mankind's mythical last city.

Josiah Gray Wolf—Leading the Outsiders, a new tribe of survivors who live near Biosphere, he struggles against humanity's old mistakes.

Beyond Eden

Outside the cage of glass and steel, a brave new world beckons...


A New Beginning

"Sidra, I can't stay," Cameron said quietly. "I won't spend my life in a cage. Live or die, I'm leaving the biosphere."

She knew that nothing else she could say would change him. "I'll help you," she said at last. "I'll press the buttons for the doors."

He stood in the docking chamber, looking lost and alone as she pressed the button to trigger both doors in a timed sequence. The outside glass door wouldn't open until the inside biome door was sealed. The stainless steel panel was already closing. In one moment, he'd be lost from her vision and from her life. In three minutes, the docking door would open and he would step Outside.

She followed the heavy door as it closed, moved with it, her eyes holding him to her.

"I love you," he said when the door was almost closed. "Remember that."

It was the only truth she had ever wanted to hear.

Without hesitation, Sidra stepped inside the docking chamber. The steel doors sealed with a loud mechanical click. And she was there beside him.

They watched the glass door of the biosphere lift and open. The first true breeze of their lives moved over them. Together, they walked free and stepped Outside...




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