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Desert Eden

Written By:J. M. Morgan - 1991

  • Desert Eden - J. M. Morgan cover


An ecological thriller


1997. A team of five men and five women enter the sealed dome of Biosphere Seven, a living laboratory on the high Texas desert. Their mission—and their dream—is to spend the next two years in the self sufficient ecosystem laying a blueprint for the ecological salvation of the Earth.


Suddenly, the future is beyond anyone's control. A man-made bioweapon has wiped the globe virtually clean of life, leaving the scientists of Biosphere Seven all the remain of the once—and future—human race.


Jessica Nathan—As team leader, it is up to her to make the most difficult decisions... and the most impossible choices.

Quinn Ketsey—A computer genius with a passion for saving the planet, he's both a rebel and a dreamer. He can also save Jessica... if she'll let him.

Maggie Adair—While the others see the dome as a sealed tomb, she has found a sanctuary. For the first time she feels safe and loved, and she'll do anything to say that way.

Josiah Gray Wolf—His heritage has given him a special appreciation for man's obligation to nature. He alone will risk everything to discover the truth they all seek about what lies outside the Biosphere.


Within the walls of glass and steel, a new world must be born...


No Way Out

"Open that door, for any reason, and you'll expose this entire biosphere to whatever's killing the whole world!" Quinn Kelsey stood his ground, immovable, but shaking inside.

"Damn you, Quinn!" Jessica shouted. "Brad's my husband. He'll die out there. We don't know that he's been exposed."

"We can't afford to take the chance. If he's carrying the virus... if it's even in the air...

"Think about this, Jessica," Quinn continued quietly. "If things are as bad as we think, we may be the last chance the human race has on this earth. We might be it, the only men and women left alive. You can't afford to risk that."

"You be the leader now, Quinn. I don't give a damn what happens to any of this... or any of you."

"These people trust you, Jessica. They're yours, all of them. They'll live, or they'll die, by the strength you bleed into them with your spirit."

She was silent for so long, he thought she'd forgotten him. "Oh, God," she whispered finally, "what have we done?"




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