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The Eden/Light of Eden

Written By:W. A. Harbinson - 1987

  • The Eden/Light of Eden  - W. A. Harbinson cover


To a man and a woman swept out of time came a miracle. Was it armageddon or a return to... Eden

For a millennium men had prophesied; waited. And now it came to pass...

Pillar of Darkness—A scourge from the heavens, it came without warning, bringing the whirlwind and brimstone, leaving ruin, devastation, and utter chaos in its wake.

Day of Judgement—One by one the people and places of Earth simply vanished. Survivors spoke of seeing lights, hearing the voices of angels—or demons. And as the world shook in terror, one beautiful British doctor—Frances Devereux—was mysteriously drawn to a desert oasis to discover the future in a spot as ancient as civilization... to confront mankind's curse or final hope in... Eden


The Vanishing Zone

The First Time: Glastonbury, England—An ancient and picturesque town, filled with houses, churches... and people. Until a demon darkness swept down from the heavens. Then there was nothing but a marshland beneath a murky sky...

The Second Time: Stonehenge—Popular tourist spot, crowded with spectators visiting the old Druid stones. Then the black pillar covered it all... and everything vanished but the disembodied voices of the people lost forever, until they, too, faded away. Then there was nothing at all...

The Times Beyond: All the oldest places of the Earth would become vanishing zones—a doorway to oblivion... a gateway to terror, or to... Eden


A thrilling adventure by the best-selling author of Genesis