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The Einstein Intersection

Written By:Samuel R. Delany - 1967

  • The Einstein Intersection  - Samuel R. Delany cover


In the far-distant future, long after humans have left the earth, an alien race lives out mankind's oldest myths, and a young musician seeks his lost love beyond the shores of death.


Lobey lived the simple life of a shepherd, playing magic music on a flute that was also a blade, until he lost his first love, the beautiful, dark and silent Friza.

Then he began to live out his destiny and mythic figures came to life, strangely changed:

THE BULL: A half-human monster in a labyrinthine cave.

SPIDER: Outcast and dragonrider, friend and betrayer.

THE DOVE: A woman who was all women, the image of the world's desire.

GREEN-EYE: Virgin-born life-giver, victim of a dead race's ancient ritual

KID DEATH: Who tantalized and tormented him with his own mortality.


"Beautifully intricate and gloriously mystifying" —Analog

At once epic adventure and myth retold, The Einstein Intersection is Delany's most resounding work.