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The People of Sparks

Written By:Jeanne DuPrau - 2004

  • The People of Sparks  - Jeanne DuPrau cover


"It is green here and very big. Light comes from the sky..."

When Lina and Doon lead their people up from underground city of Ember, they discovered a surface world of color and life. The people of a small village called Sparks agree to help the Emberites, but the villagers have never had to share their world before. Soon differences between the two groups escalate, and it's up to Lina and Doon to find a way to avoid war!


Mary stepped forward and said, "Who are you?"

It was the boy who answered. He spoke in a clear, loud voice. "We come from the city of Ember," the boy said. "We left there because our city was dying. We need help."

Mary, Ben, and Wilmer exchanged glances. Mary frowned. "The city of Ember? Where's that? We've never heard of it,"

The boy gestured back the way they had come, to the east. "That way," he said. "It's under the ground."

The frowns deepened. "Tell us the truth," said Ben, "not childish nonsense."

This time the girl spoke up. She had long, snarled hair with bits of grass caught in it. "It isn't a lie," she said, "Really. Our city was underground. We didn't know it until we came out."

The people with them all nodded and murmured, "Yes" and "It's true."

"My name is Doon Harrow," said the boy. "And this is Lina Mayfleet. We found the way out of Ember."


"Hotly anticipated." —Kirkus Reviews

In the riveting sequel to the highly acclaimed The City of Ember, Jeanne DuPrau explores the nature of conflict and the strength and courage necessary to overcome it.

"A deftly constructed fable, its message universal and sensitively rendered." —San Francisco Chronicle

"DuPrau clearly explores themes of nonvilence and when to stand up for oneself." —School Library Journal, Starred

"A thought-provoking novel about brinkmanship and the way societies can plant the insidious seeds of war." —Publishers Weekly

"This fast-paced tale of post-Apocalyptic strife will resonate with new and returning fans alike." —Kirkus Reviews

"The text smoothly involvees new readers and fans of the first story. While less gritty and mechanical than Philip Reeve's Mortal Engines and more interpersonal than Lois Lowry's The Giver and Gathering Blue, this title will hold a similar appeal for readers who enjoy speculative fiction. This novel will make them stop and think, and its immediacy and drive make it a good choice for even reluctant readers." —School Library Journal, Starred

"Ambitious. DuPrau takes on a sprawling world on the surface of the planet, and once again skillfully and confidently develops the idea of scarcity and how human beings react to a depletion of resources." —Publishers Weekly

"Lina and Doon remain engaging protagonists, and they are joined by emotionally credible new characters." —Kirkus Reviews

"Engrossing. A satisfying follow-up to the first book." —Booklist

"Readers willing to venture into the adventurous terrain of a world grown from ruin should start their journey here." —The Bulletin




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