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Empty World

Written By:John Christopher - 1978

  • Empty World - John Christopher cover
  • Empty World - John Christopher cover

    Puffin - 1995


The plague started in India, and only its bizarre symptom of premature aging made it newsworthy in England. Neil, involved with his own adjustment to personal loss; to a new school; to the quiet life of his grandparents, hardly noticed.

But as it began to spread, the spectre of a world empty of humankind spread with it.

Puffin - 1995

In Neil Miller’s world a nightmare has come true.

Neil is alone after the death of his family in an accident. So when a virulent plague sweeps across the world, dealing death to all it touches, Neil has a double battle for survival: not just for the physical necessities of life, but with the subtle pressures of fear and loneliness.

This chilling story makes compulsive reading.


John Christopher, creator of such brilliant science ficiton as Wild Jack, The Guardians, and Tripod trilogy, has written another gripping and thoughtful story. Once started, the reader will find it almost impossible to put down.