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Thief River Falls Run

Written By:David Robbins - 1986

  • Thief River Falls Run - David Robbins cover


An explosive new series of survival in a post-nuclear age

Suprise Attack

The Wasteland: In what was once America's heartland dwell the survivors of the nuclear holocaust which annihilated most of civilization, leaving a scorched land filled with roving bands of savage outlaws and mutant creatures bent on destroying everything in their path.

Blade: A ruthless killing machine, he is the leader of the Alpha Triad. They are a team of professional warriors, the defenders of The Home, the survivors' last refuge, all that remains between them and certain death.

The Mission: The Triad must reach the Twin Cities to acquire urgently needed medical supplies. But once again, the mission is aborted, this time in Thief River Falls when they are attacked by a heavily armed contingent of renegade soldiers. In the ferocious battle that ensues, Blade's life and the security of The Home hang in the balance.


Sudden Death

Blade brought the SEAL to a stop, turning the transport, angling it across the road, Hickok's side to the fleeing motorcycle.

Hickok hastily rolled down his window and raised his Henry, sighting carefully.

"You can't," Joshua claimed.

"He tried to kill us," Blade reminded Joshua protested.

"Not in the back!" Joshua protested.

"We have no choice!" Blade declared, watching the other driver speed off. If Hickok didn't fire soon, even he wouldn't be able to make the shot.

"No!" Joshua shouted, flinging himself forward, lunging for Hickok.

Geronimo reacted instantly, clutching Joshua, restraining him.

"No!" Joshua struggled to break free. "He's another human being!"

"Not any more," Hickok said softly. He inhaled, held the breath, and squeezed the trigger.




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