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The Dead

Written By:Charlie Higson - 2010

  • The Dead  - Charlie Higson cover


THE ENEMY is coming for you

The disease only affects people sixteen or older. It starts with the symptoms of a cold: a runny nose, a scratchy throat, a cough. Then the skin begins to itch, and spots appear—spots that soon turn into boils filled with pus. But the worst parts are the headache, the sensitivity to light and sound, the inner voices that confuse you, tell you that you're hungry, that you need to eat them... the younger ones...

When the Disaster strikes, the world turns upside down for Ed, Jack, Bam, and the other students at Rowhurst School. The parents and older siblings they left back at home are dead—or worse. Once the teachers go on the attack, the kids know it's time to escape and make their way to the city. It's got to be better in London...

Or will it be worse?

Set just over a year before the action in The Enemy, Charlie Higson's The Dead introduces an all-new cast of characters and reveals more about the Disaster as it takes readers on another nonstop thrill ride.




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