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Eternity Road

Written By:Jack McDevitt - 1997

  • Eternity Road - Jack McDevitt cover


The Roadmakers left only ruins behind—but what magnificent ruins!

The concrete highways still cross the continent. Their shattered towers still gleam on the banks of the Mississippi. Their cups and the combs and jewelry are found in every Illyrian home. The lost race left behind a legend, as well—a hidden sanctuary called Haven, where a few Roadmakers hid from the mysterious Plague that destroyed their world, and where even now the secrets of their civilization might still be found.

Chaka's brother was one of those who sought to find Haven and never returned. But now Chaka has inherited a rare Roadmaker artifact—a book called A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court—which has inspired her to follow in his footsteps. A red-haired young woman with a hunter's eyes, Chaka gathers an unlikely band including an aging scholar, an amateur soldier, and a mystic healer. With a reluctant leather-clad frontiersman as a guide, they set out to follow the collapsed roadways north toward the dragon-haunted ruins of Chicago and the thundering cataract Nyagra.

On their journey they will encounter blood-thirsty river pirates, electronic ghosts still mourning their lost civilization, and machines that skim over the ground and even into the air. And they will learn the truth about their own mysterious past.


McDevitt's Eternity Road is a classic American adventure people with heroes not from our past but from our future. It is a powerful, moving story of men and women trying to preserve what is left of a dying world so that they can build a new world of their own. Their journey into the unknown is an adventure that will resonate in your memory is an adventure that will resonate in your memory long after the last page has been turned, for McDevitt's book celebrates what is most enduring in any human civilization: the courage, hope, and love that remain standing long after the last tower has fallen.