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Evil Earths

Written By:Anthology / Brian Aldiss - 1975

  • Evil Earths - Anthology / Brian Aldiss cover


Once it was the greatest planet in all science fiction. Fourteen dark visions of the future, edited by Brian Aldiss


The ambition, greed, and wanderlust of man have brought him to the horizon of time, where the starlit road of the universe forks—utopia one way, oblivion the dark dead-end. Earth has been slashed by an atomic knife. A father and son gaze at the pearl-white crescent that is the last memory of Earth. At the penultimate moment of an atomic war, the ultimate god appears—pure mutant-human and pure gold. Amid great perfect cities and faultless machines. Man is a lost soul—no reason to live and no way to die.

In the masterful stories of such writers as Philip K. Dick, Brian Aldiss, Henry Kuttner, Fritz Leiber, and Jack Vance, Earth—the first planet of science fiction—is a tarnished world. Geart civilizations have risen and fallen. Invaders have conquered and been banished. Man has mastered time and been enslaved by desire. Humanity is in a twilight, shadowed by brilliant technology and haunted by lost dreams. But in the blackness that is the unknowable future, stars still glitter with worlds to be found and hopes yet to come true.


From the forgotten annals of science fiction magazines of three decades come fourteen dynamic stories of time-travelers, mutant, golden gods, robot lovers, earth-exiles, and mind-stunning visions of earth's future—and celestial past.

Heresies of the Huge God - Brian Aldiss
Night - John W. Campbell
Film of Death - J.S. Campbell
"If I Forgot Thee, Oh Earth..." - Arthur C. Clarke
The Golden Man - Philip K. Dick
The Wound - Howard Fast
The Time Trap - Henry Kuttner
Among the Hairy Earthmen - R.A. Lafferty
Guest Expert - Allen K. Lang
Later Than You Think - Fritz Leiber
The Last Word - Chad Oliver and Charles Beaumont
The Valley - Richard Stockham
Down Among the Dead Men - William Tenn
The Men Return - Jack Vance