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Written By:Stuart Gordon - 1973

  • One-Eye - Stuart Gordon cover


In the name of the Mutant Godling, it is flight—or fight!

They fought for racial purity in Phadraig. All around were monsters, but the stern hierachy of the old city was ruthless. Patrick Cormac was their great defender—where he stood, the mutants would be halted.

But the long-heralded birth of the one-eyed babe broke the tradition. Not only was it impossible to slay this god-to-be but Patrick himself became its first convert.

Beyond the walls of Phadraig lay the route to the new era that was to be... and there Patrick and his brave companions brought One-Eye to the mutants—and to the tower where the last of the old science-wizardry still held the centuries in thrall.


Since his youth, Patrick Cormac could sweep people along on his tidal enthusiasms. People tended to abandon their own causes when they saw his. The Company Chatachain, flamboyant and heretical, had been a one-man band. Now it might live again.

Iubhar realized that he'd committed himself to the protection of a newborn being whom, a day before, he'd have seen dead without a qualm.

One-Eye? Polypheme? Unclean of Great Degree? A denial of Norm Purity?

But what was Norm Purity? He'd never bothered to question it deeply. Now that he did, it was clear. Norm Purity had died of old age; the city of Phadraig was a corpse, with people who pretended they were alive and the rest of the world was dead.

It was good riddance. Phadraig was sterile; the Wastlelands were fertile. It was time for something new...




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