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Farnhams Freehold

Written By:Robert A. Heinlein - 1964

  • Farnhams Freehold - Robert A. Heinlein cover

    Baen - January 1996 2nd Printing

  • Farnhams Freehold - Robert A. Heinlein cover

    Signet - Third Printing (1965?)

  • Farnhams Freehold - Robert A. Heinlein cover

    Berkley Medallion - 11th Printing


Baen - January 1996 2nd Printing

You Would Have Peace? Then Prepare for War!

Hugh Farnham was a practical, self-made man, and when he saw the clouds of nuclear war gathering, he built a bomb shelter under his house, hoping for peace and preparing for war. What he hadn't expected was that when the apocalypse came, a thermonuclear blast would tear apart the fabric of time and hurl his shelter into a world with no sign of other human beings.

But Farnham's small group had barely settled down to the back-breaking business of low-tech survival when they found that they were not alone after all. The same nuclear war that had catapulted Farnham two thousand years into the future had destroyed all civilization in the northern hemisphere. And the world had changed in more ways than one.

In the new world order, Farnham and his family, being members of the race that had nearly destroyed the world, were fit only to be slaves. After surviving a nuclear war, Farnham had no intention of being anybody's slave, but the tyrannical power of the Chosen Race reached throughout the world. Even if he managed to escape where could he run to...?

Signet - Third Printing (1965?)

The novel that begins where On the Beach left off—the dramatic story of what happens to a middle-class American family who survive World War III.

Farnham's Freehold is Robert A. Heinlein's powerful and prophetic novel about what happens after a massive nuclear attack. It is his story of the one American family who survive to face a strange, harrowing, and all-too-possible future...

Berkley Medallion - 11th Printing

"Bomb warning. Thrid bomb warning. This is not a drill. Take shelter at once. Any shelter. You are going to be atom-bombed in the next few minutes. So get the lead out, you stupid fools, and quit listening to this chatter! TAKE SHELTER!"

For Hugh Farnham this warning was something he had long expected, and for which he had carefully prepared. But not even the wisest man could have taken precautions against the extraordinary world into which Hugh and his little family party were catapulted.

This is a powerful and prophetic novel about what happens after a massive nuclear attack to one American family who survive to face a strange, harrowing, and all-too-possible future...


Baen - January 1996 2nd Printing


The radio cut in: "-not a drill. This is not a drill. Take shelter. If you have no shelter stay in the best protected room of your home. This is not a drill. Unidentified ballistic objects have been radar-sighted by our early-warning screens and it must be assumed that they are missiles. Take shelter-"

Barbara looked around Farnham's bomb shelter. Duke appeared around the bend in the L-shaped room, started setting up a card table. She watched in amazement as he got out the cards he had picked up—how long ago? It seemed an hour. Probably less than five minutes.

There came a clanging at the door. Karen unbolted it. Joseph tumbled in followed by Mr. Farnham. A lordly red Persian cat jumped out of Joseph's arms, started an inspection. Karen and her father bolted the door.

Duke came over. "Got her buttoned up, Skipper? Then come take your licking." He waved at the card table.

His father started. "Duke, are you seriously proposing to finish a card game while we're being attacked?"

"I'm four hundred dollars serious. And another hundred says we aren't being attacked. They'll call it off and tomorrow's papers will say the northern lights fouled up the radar."

All lights went out, the floor slammed against their feet. Barbara tried to stand up and was knocked over. All around was a noise of giant subway trains and the floor heaved like a ship in a cross sea.


"Yes, Duke! Are you hurt?"

"I don't know. But make that five hundred and ninety-two dollars!"

The subterranean rumbling went on. Though this roar Barbara heard Mr. Farnham chuckle. "Forget it!" he called out. "The dollar just depreciated."

Signet - Third Printing (1965?)

A paradise greeted them when they emerged from their bomb shelter. Instead of a devastated land, they saw a lush land rich in fields, game, and water. They did not realize that they had been propelled into a future millennium by an atomic blast, into a savage civilization of distorted values and twisted ideas. A world where slave has become master, and master, slave. A world where primitive ritual is curiously intermingled with the advanced art of technology. A world where Hugh Farnham and his family soon find themselves to be in mortal danger...


Signet - Third Printing (1965?)

"Grandmaster Robert Heinlein has produced yet another of his crisp, swift, assured fictions, and takes us thereby through an atomic holocaust and some forthright sex... into the future... Only Heinlein could pull this kind of thing off successfully." —The National Review

"Heinlein is America's acknowledged master of science fiction." —Chicago Tribune

"Robert A. Heinlein wears imagination as though it were his private suit of clothes. What makes his work so rich is that he combines his lively creative sense with an approach that is at once literate, informed and exciting." —New York Times

Farnham's Freehold is one of Robert A. Heinlein's most engrossing novels, a superb work of the imagination—humorous, dramatic, and bittingly satiric.