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The Fifth Planet

Written By:Geoffrey Hoyle / Fred Hoyle - 1963

  • The Fifth Planet  - Geoffrey Hoyle / Fred Hoyle cover


London... 2087

Something strange and terrible was happening to earth...

The city seemed to explode right before Conway's eyes. First the flash of blinding light, then the thundering crash. Everywhere around him was destruction and death. It was the same in all the other major cities of the world. Conway knew that it was somehow connected with the last fateful expedition... and the creature they had unknowingly brought back—which was now occupying the body of his wife!


"Fred Hoyle, a celebrated astronomer known as Leonardo da Hoyle to some of his possibly envious colleagues, is a man of vast imagination. From time to time, he likes to turn from the task of enriching his profession with a seemingly endless series of bold theories and hypotheses and let that imagination run loose in an area where no man can say him nay... The Hoyles' story is sharp, clear and full of suspense." —The Washington D.C. Evening Star