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Forever Hero

Dawn for a Distant Earth

Written By:L. E. Modesitt Jr. - 1986

  • Dawn for a Distant Earth - L. E. Modesitt Jr. cover


He was a devilkid, a lone wolf—fighting an empire to save a world...


The Empire spanned the galaxy, leaving abandoned the ruins of Old Earth—a frigid devastation of gray deserts and poison, ice storms and land of gray deserts and poison, ice storms and landspouts; a wasteland home only to coyotes and rats, degenerate shambletowers and feral devilkids. Sometimes a fad would sweep the Empire—reclaim the homeworld. But enviromental salvation took too long, cost too much, and the fads were always forgotten...

Except by MacGregor Gerswin.

A captured devilkid trained for space combat, he was too savage, too brilliant, too independent for the military, who exiled him to his home. But there Gerswin found a challenge that would consume all his strength and rage, through the decades and centuries of his life. He conspired to wage a one man war against the indifference, the incompetence, politics, manipulation—even sabotage, scandal and ambush.

But—somehow—Gerswin would find a way to bring Earth back from the dead.

The first volume of the Forever Hero, an interstellar epic!


Gerswin scanned the screen, studying the eight devilkids, all stretched on the febrile flooring. The cots were empty. Five young men, three women—the result of six months search—waited like the caged animals they resembled.

Eight. Were eight all there were, or all he and Imperial technology could find and drag from Earth's ruins? Gerswin took a deep breath.

"Hold these, Harl." He handed the weapons belt to the technician, and palmed the portal release.

"Ser! You can't go in there! Clerris and N'gere are still recovering! Those—they're—"

"Savages?" Gerswin said, "I know. That's why this is my job.

You forgot—I'm one of them." He eased inside the portal.




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