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Forever War

The Forever War

Written By:Joe Haldeman - 1974

  • The Forever War  - Joe Haldeman cover

    Ballantine - 3rd Printing - Nov 1976

  • The Forever War  - Joe Haldeman cover

    Avon - 1st Printing - May 1991


Ballantine - 3rd Printing - Nov 1976

What a Hitch!

Private William Mandella hadn't wanted to go to war. But being one of Earth's best and brightest, he—along with the rest of his prime and promiscuous co-ed cadre—had been drafted into the interstellar conflict.

Battling the Taurans was the least of his problems as he worked his way up through the ranks to major. In spanning the stars at faster-than-light speeds, he aged only months... while Earth aged centuries.

And though war in space was hell, Major Mandella soon learned it was nothing compared to coping with 1,200 drastically changing years back home!

Avon - 1st Printing - May 1991

Private William Mandella is a hero in spite of himself—a reluctant conscript drafted into an elite military unit, and propelled through space and time to fight in a distant thousand-year conflict. He never wanted to go to war, but the leaders on Earth have drawn a line in the interstellar sand—despite the fact that their fierce alien enemy is unknowable, unconquerable, and very far away. So Mandella will perform his duites without rancor and even rise up through the military's ranks... if he survives. But the true test of his mettle will come when he returns to Earth. Because of the time dilation caused by space travel the loyal soldier is aging months, while his home planet is aging centuries—and the difference will prove the saying: you never can go home...


Ballantine - 3rd Printing - Nov 1976

After a thousand years Major Mandella had learned to cope

He could cope with the savagery of the alien Taurans...

He could cope with the deep-sleep learning process that forced the whole of Earth's military history into his brain...

He could cope with having his leg blown off and the wait for regeneration...

He could copy with a regiment of lesbians and homosexuals who considered him a pervert...

But when they sent the woman he loved into the future, Major Mandella really began to wonder what he was fighting for!


Ballantine - 3rd Printing - Nov 1976

A dazzling & powerful science fiction catch-22!

Winner of the Hugo Awards Best Novel of the Year

"...One of the most memorable characters SF has ever produced... a certain candidate for top SF awards!" —Chicago Daily News

"A vastly entertaining trip!" —The New York Times.

"This war is the oppisite of the one Heinlein glorified in Starship Troopers—Bloody, cruel and meaningless. A splendid thoughful adventure!" —Kirkus

"Haldeman writes as good a hard-science SF. novel as anyone could ask for.

"Haldeman's strength is in creating sympathy for individuals caught up in the war, while making it obvious he has none whatever for the war itself.

"Haldeman, unlike most of the SF writers who emerged during the 1960's, does not seem to be consciously striving to become an artist. He writes in the Heinlein tradition of simple straightforward prose.

"Haldeman's first novel could become the sleeper of the year... the novel deserves its instant acclaim!" —J.J. Pierce, Renaissance

"... quite easily and most obviously the best thought-out book we've read in years." —Vertex

"An excellent future war book. Recommended." —Locus

Avon - 1st Printing - May 1991

Winner of the Hugo and Nebula Awards for best novel of the year

"A vastly entertaining trip" —The New York Times

The monumental sf classic that broke new ground—the multiple award-winning adventure of time, space, duty and the savage absurdity of combat—from Joe Haldeman, "one of the best prophetic writers of our times" (David Brin)

"A splendid, thoughtful adventure." —Kirkus Reviews

"An engrossing, poignant epic... mandella is one of the most memorable characters science fiction has ever produced." —San Francisco Examiner

"An excellent future war book which does not try to glorify anything... it's worth it. Recommended." —Locus

"Excellent science fiction." —Chattanooga Times

"Fascinating (and appalling)... Haldeman is extremely good... gripping adventure with a bitter aftertaste." —Cleveland Plain Dealer

"A brilliant novel." —Booklist

"His prose is as clear and engaging as his ideas." —The New York Times Book Review

"Exciting... an adventure in reading—the boldly imaginative and tautly written story of a once and future war." —Grand Rapids Press

"Among the best... The Forever War has all the authenticity of a good war novel—the dialogue, people, training and barracks mentality." —Newsday

"If there was a Fort Knox for science fiction writers who really matter, we'd have to lock Haldeman up there." —Stephen King




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