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The Forge of God

Written By:Greg Bear - 1987

  • The Forge of God  - Greg Bear cover

    TOR - June 1988 - 1st MME Printing

  • The Forge of God  - Greg Bear cover

    TOR - 8th Printing

  • The Forge of God  - Greg Bear cover

    Tor - 8th Printing


TOR - June 1988 - 1st MME Printing

June 26, 1996: One of Jupiter's moons disappears.

September 28, 1996: A geologist near Death Valley finds a mysterious new cinder cone in a very well-mapped area.

October 1, 1996: The government of Australia announces the discovery of an enormous granite mountain. Like the cinder cone, it wasn't the six months ago...

Tor - 8th Printing

Something is happening to Planet Earth, and the truth is too terrifying to consider...


TOR - June 1988 - 1st MME Printing

"A gripping panorama of a world in peril." —Chicago Sun-Times

A hard-science thriller from the best-selling author of Eon and Blood Music

"One of the most striking novels in modern science fiction." —Locus magazine

"Bear takes a profound and unusual approach to hard science fiction, permitting great depth of characterization." —Los Angeles Times

"The finest novel of alien invasion since Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle's Footfall." —Chicago Sun-Times

"It's been a long time since I was riveted to my chair by the creative grandeur and stimulating prose of a single novel. Bear has given us one of those gems that becomes a classic in the author's lifetime. THE FORGE OF GOD is all the good stuff of decades of Sf in one smoothly-flowing package... Buy this book immediately. In case it's not fiction, you might benefit from the head start." —Dean R. Lambe, THRUST Science Fiction and Fantasy Review

"A top-rate adventure/scientific mystery/invasion/disaster novel. A genuinely entertaining read." —Science Fiction Chronicle

"A page-turning delight!" —The Houston Post

"Powerfully and gracefully written, the latest novel by the author of Eon and Blood Music stands far above most examples of 'doomsday' science fiction." —Library Journal

"The story grabs you on the first page and doesn't let go." —Midwest Book Review

"Literate hard-science or alien invasion novels are no longer rare, but a book such as this, which effectively blends these concepts and is also compellingly written, is a joy to behold." —ALA Booklist

"A wide-ranging and intriguing story." —Woodland Hills, CA Daily News

"Greg Bear has set up an unusual but believable scenario of the future, blending a complex cast of characters into a spellbinding tale of science fiction." —Lansing State Journal

"Bear weaves the strands of past sci-fi staples into a fascinating tapestry of his own." —Roanoke Time and World-News

"As much a passionate love-song to the planet earth as anything else." —Rockland, Maine Courier-Gazette

"THE FORGE OF GOD is a knockout novel, concerned with matters of importance. We do not often see, even among science fiction wirters... a real sense of the universe's size side-by-side with the size of the human heart, much less a novel able to encompess them both, all the while disguised as a this-is-the-way-the-world-ends best-seller. THE FORGE OF GOD is one of the best books yet by a writer who is rapidly redefining the shape of the modern hard science fiction novel." —Greensboro, NC, News and Record

"The inevitability of the tale is grimly exhilarating, and Bear manages to visualize the final cataclysm all too clearly for comfort. It is the best end of the world we will see for a long time." —New Scientist

"Bear brings inventiveness and feeling to his vision of apocalypse." —San Francisco Chronicle

"The big prize of a blockbuster novel has eluded [Bear] until now. THE FORGE OF GOD is Bear's best novel and is certainly one of the best long works of science fiction I have read this year." —San Diego Union

"One of the benefits of Bear's style [is that] you don't have to care about the science to like the novel... Bear's science is good, his writing fluid and his characters solid." —Seattle Times

"Chalk up another winner for Greg Bear... Bear's depiction of the forces that can destroy the earth is breathtaking in its scope, and his description of the cataclysmic forces locked within Earth itself is awe-inspiring." —Cincinnati Post

Tor - 8th Printing

"One of the outstanding SF novels of the current year is also the best book so far from an author whose versatility is continually growing." —Booklist