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Written By:Garfield Reeves-Stevens / Judith Reeves-Stevens - 2005

  • Freefall - Garfield Reeves-Stevens / Judith Reeves-Stevens cover


During the height of the Cold War, an ultra-secret agency charged with keeping space safe for America was created within the United States Air Force, the United States Space Force (USSF). But this service hides an even darker secret, the death of a Russian cosmonaut, the CIA's 'insurance' to make sure that America would be the first to the moon. Forty years later, Cory Rey, a mission specialist on the International Space Station stumbles over the proof of what happened on the moon during the heady days of the Apollo moon missions. Suddenly she and her ex lover, Mitch Webber, are caught up in an international race to the moon, with each nation looking to exploit this cosmonaut's death to their own advantage.