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Freeway Warrior

Highway Holocaust

Written By:Joe Dever - 1988

  • Highway Holocaust - Joe Dever cover


A new role-playing adventure series

You are tomorrow's ultimate warrior—choose your destiny!

America, 2020 A.D. Eight years ago the terrorist agents of H.A.V.O.C. triggered a nuclear nightmare the devastated the northern hemisphere. A few lucky survivors escaped the radioactive aftermath in underground colonies, waiting for the day they could rebuild their shattered world. That day has come... but the real battle for survival has just begun!

You are Cal Phoenix, the freeway warrior, champion and protector of Dallas Colony One. A murderous gang of H.A.V.O.C. clansmen, led by the psychotic Mad Dog Michigan, are bent on destroying your fragile colony as it crosses the wastelands of Texas on a life-or-death exodus to the California coast. These ruthless bikers are a formidable enemy: armed, cunning, and extremely dangerous, capable of launching a lightning raid at any time, day or night.

You will need all your strength and skill to defend your people, outwit the enemy, and reach your destination intact!


Highway Combat!

Your enemy's reactions are lightning fast. He throws himself down behind the window and your gunfire passes harmlessly through the now empty frame. An instant later, the unexpected sound of running feet makes you spin on your heel. A leather-clad punk, his skull shaved and sprayed with rings of metallic brown paint, is charging at you from the ruins with a knife held high in his hand. You raise your weapon, but before you can squeeze the trigger, he dives full length and catches you in the chest with the crown of his head. His attack slams you backwards to the ground and, gasping for breath, you struggle to grab hold of his wrist before he can make use of his deadly blade...


FREEWAY WARRIOR is the spectacular new series of solo adventures written by Joe Dever, author of the award-winning LONE WOLF adventure gamebooks. Each exciting episode can be played individually, or you can combine them with others in the series to create a solo role-playing epic!




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