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Friend of the Earth a

Written By:T.C. Boyle - 2000

  • Friend of the Earth  a  - T.C. Boyle cover


friend of the earth opens in the year 2025, as tyrone o'shaughnessy tierwater ekes out a bleak living in southern california, managing a rock star's private menagerie of the species "only a mother could love"--scruffy hyenas, jackals, warthogs, and three down-at-the-mouth lions. global warming is a reality. the biosphere has collapsed in a grim but very funny way, and most of the major mammalian species--not to mention fish, birds, and frogs--are extinct. once, as we see in alternating chapters that flash back to the last two decades of the twentieth century, ty was so seriously committed to environmental causes that he became an ecoterrorist and convicted felon. a "a member of the radical environmental group earth forever!, he unwittingly endangered both his daughter, sierra, and his wife, andrea. now, when he's just trying to survive in a world torn by obdurate storms and winnowing drought, ""drea comes back into his life.