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The Gaia Websters

Written By:Kim Antieau - 1997

  • The Gaia Websters  - Kim Antieau cover


300 years after The Fall, after Peak Oil and the rise and fall of corporatocracy, the people of the former United States have formed a more perfect union where they live in relative harmony, caring for one another and the land, helped out in part by the legendary soothsayer healers. In the Arizona territory, Gloria Stone lives a good life as the town healer until the governor’s man arrives in town and demands she return with him to the governor’s place. When she refuses, many of the townspeople contract a mysterious illness. As Gloria heals one person after another, something shatters within her. One day she attempts to heal a man and instead kills him. She runs for her life until she stumbles into a cave and begins to uncover the truth of her forgotten past and the genesis of her remarkable healing abilities. Earthy, sensuous, and provocative, The Gaia Websters challenges our assumptions about technology, humanity, community, love, and family. This new edition contains an afterword by the author. Kim Antieau is the author of many books, including The Jigsaw Woman, Church of the Old Mermaids, and Mercy, Unbound. She lives in the Pacific Northwest and the Desert Southwest.