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Galactic Security Service


Written By:Laurence James - 1975

  • Backflash - Laurence James cover


The memory gun!

The glittering weapon was rock-steady in his right hand, its deadly muzzle gaping hugely at Rack. Pointed straight at his face.

Rack knew that this was one race he'd lost. To his surprise he actually saw the stream of energy as it leaped from the barrel of the gun. There was a staggering moment of impact as it hit him between the eyes, then agonizing pain, as though someone had sliced his head apart and was sandblasting his brain. The filaments of his mind seemed ready to burst. Bright yellow light exploded through his head with a hot golden heat. He was vaguely aware of traveling backward, of floating through air. Of falling slowly. His mind closing down on the present. Back, back into the golden light...


A warm welcome...

Smoldering anew after the last gush of fire, it was possible to see where the charred arms and legs lay. Where the black ball that had once been a head lay on the floor. Trace the lines of the chest and trunk. Even spot the whiteness of protruding bone through the incinerated flesh.

Climbing painfully to his feet Simon Rack recalled Aengh's words about a warm welcome, and suddenly the pieces of the jigsaw clicked together. What had started with a routine incident involving the top-secret Memory Gun had become a galaxy-wide holocaust!


The exciting inter-galactic adventures of Simon Rack!

The Rack Series

This is the third book in the all-new Rack science-adventure series. The time is five hundred years in the future—and strange new worlds and alien races have been discovered. Our universe is now a well-populated community, interplanetary travel a routine matter. Commander Simon Kennedy Rack and his trusted assistant, Ensign Bogart, are special agents of the Inter-Galactic Security Service. Together they roam the galaxy preserving peace and justice... with brilliance, bravery, and a ferocity unequaled in their century.




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