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Galactic Security Service

Earth Lies Sleeping

Written By:Laurence James - 1974

  • Earth Lies Sleeping - Laurence James cover


Commander Simon Kennedy Rack and hisa trusted assistant, Ensign Bogart, are special agents of the Inter-Galactic Security Service. The time is about five hundred years into the future—and strange new worlds and alien races have been discovered. Our universe is now a well-populated community and interplanetary travel has become routine.

As with any dynamic environment that contains living beings, there are problems. The forces of crime and evil are no exception, and it is in this lawless arena that Simon Rack operates. His missions are chosen to make good use of both his intellect and his rebellious killer instincts.

Our first episode takes place on Earth, a desolate and ravaged planet, nearly annihilated by the neutronic wars of the twenty-first century. Rack must infiltrate the inner circles of a feudalistic society formed by survivors of Earth's catastrophe. He has to discover why vital cargoes of Pheronium are being withheld from visiting spaceships.

The mission appears to be within his grasp... but not before a brutal contest with the wicked Baron Mescari, and a romantic bout with the beauteous Guenara.

Rack cannot be completely victorious this day. A battle is won but the war goes on...


Simon slithered like a cobra

Then he struck, slapping Morkyn contempuously across the cheek. "Well, traitor. How think you the battle goes? Your Lord Magus will not aid you now, eh?

Morkyn made no answer. His chest heaved, and sweat ran off his face. Simon knew it was over; it was just a matter of time.

Morkyn dropped his hands to rub his groin. Simon jumped up, lashing out at the unprotected face with his feet. Teeth snapped and splintered; the nose was crushed, and fragments of bone and cartilage were driven up and into the brain.

Giving a loud cry, Morkyn toppled backward. His fingers clutched desperately at his face, as if trying to hold it together—the last conscious efforts of his dying brain.

He rolled face down into the fire, scattering ashes and glowing branches, filling the air with agonized screams and animal moans. Flames licked about his head and shoulders, ate up his beard and hair, nibbled at the skin of his face. His hands jerked convulsively, clawing at the fire, trying helplessly to push his body away from the flames...

Rack turned from the burning hulk and roared. "Now I am your leader. I swear to you, as an officer of the Galactic Securtiy Service, a representative of the Federation, that this man was a traitor to you. If any man quesitions this let him stand out now..."


First in a super science-fiction adventure series starring Simon Rack, inter-galactic hero




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