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Galactic Security Service

Planet of the Blind

Written By:Laurence James - 1975

  • Planet of the Blind - Laurence James cover


Space chase!

The daughters of the six richest men on Dairon are kidnapped by an old enemy of Simon Rack and taken to the sixth planet in the Tarkon system. The planet called Raiol.

On Raiol the serene river of time develops vicious whirlpools. Pools that can carry one to a nameless past or to an unimaginable future. It is Raiol that becomes the focus for a most sinister game of hide-and-seek.

A deadly game that takes Commander Simon Rack and Ensign Bogart on a relentless chase across time and space. The prizes are the lives of six beautiful young girls.

And if you lose, you die.


Intergalactic girlnapping

She was doped to the limit. A hand reached out and prodded her on the shoulder, and the blank face began to speak. As soon as she identified herself they knew who she was. Her father was in psychs and was rated the sixth richest man on the world.

Then the mewling voice of the skull-faced Magus came through Raiol's vid. "Take your clothes off, please, Peala, and smile for me." The lovely young woman did exactly what she was told. Right down to announcing her forthcoming suicide if the kidnappers' orders weren't followed precisely.

For Commander Simon Rack and his men, the risks facing them were enormous. At the least, they would be responsible for the disfiguration and/or deaths of the six daughters of the six richest men in the world. At worst, they would lay the groundwork leading to the total takeover by the monster named Magus...


The exciting inter-galactic adventures of Simon Rack!

The Rack Series

This is the fourth book in the all-new Rack science-adventure series. The time is five hundred years in the future—and strange new worlds and alien races have been discovered. Our universe is now a well-populated community, interplanetary travel a routine matter. Commander Simon Kennedy Rack and his trusted assistant, Ensign Bogart, are special agents of the Inter-Galactic Security Service. Together they roam the galaxy preserving peace and justice... with brilliance, bravery, and a ferocity unequaled in their century.




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